vrijdag 12 september 2008

Really Proud of Myself

First of all i saw this really cute stamp of Ziggy on Ebay in spring but unfortenately the seller didn't ship internationally. Then like about 2,5 weeks ago he surfaced up again on Ebay and this time the seller was shipping internationally and i won it. After studying several Copic Markers tutorials on several blogs i decided to give it a go again. This is the 2nd time i coloured with them and i am very proud of the result. So i couldn't wait to show it to you all. I already have the layout of the card i am going to make in my mind.

2 opmerkingen:

Miranda zei

oooow waauw!! dat heb je echt heel erg gaaf ingekleurd!

ik ben ook heel erg geinteresseerd in copic markers.. t lijkt me wel moeilijk, en ik vind ze erg duur!

mag ik vragen waar je ze gekocht hebt? en hoe je dat gedaan hebt? heb je ze allemaal? of een selectie?


Anoniem zei

You did a fabulous job even when you first started using copic markers. I am still learning. I can't seem to part with my colored pencils.