zaterdag 27 september 2008

Pictures of My 2 Sweeties

This is Elliott my Ragdoll. He will turn 2 years old on the 29th of november. He's really sweeeeeet but also quite authoritative and arrogant, specially when people come to visit. He's not coming near to them but he stares with this arrogant look from a distance and it always looks like he's staring them out the door asap. Really funny. He's really quite attached to me. I love him to bits.

This is Harvey my Maine Coon and he will turn 2 years old on the 12th of december and ooooohhhhhhh how i love this breed. I never had cats before and these 2 are my first but he's sooooooo cute sweet and cheeky. He's everybody's friend. Completely opposite of Elliotts character. He's very talkative and lively, hardly ever sleeps and is always hunting after bugs and birdies if he gets the chance.

4 opmerkingen:

sandra_w zei

Ooooo ik ben verliefd ;) Wat een schitterende katten...Ik ben 'n kattengek, we hebben 2 cyperse "je weet wel" katers....

Sandra xx

Tiets zei

ik ben geen kattenmens maar ze zien er wel erg lief uit Sandra!

Andrea zei

Ahhhhh - your cats are very beautiful and wonderful pets!
many greetings

Anoniem zei

Your cats are gorgeous Sandra!